Horse Walkers &
Round Yards

Elite Equine Products is a performance driven & innovative young company providing the equine industry with the best premium quality products in the equine market place



Exercise is one of the most essential basic needs of horses.
Our horse walker systems are among the most well-established in the world and are the best way of complementing effective horse management and optimising daily training. 

Over decades of development our experts have designed, developed and installed a wide variety of horse walkers in close cooperation with real horse experts. Talk to us about your specific needs and we will make sure that everything runs smoothly at your facility in the future.

Horse Walker Design Available: 

  • Round Horse Walker – No Roof
  • Round Horse Walker – With Track Roof
  • Round Horse Walker – With Full Roof
  • Oval Horse Walker – No Roof
  • Oval Horse Walker – With Track Roof
  • Oval Horse Walker – With Full Roof



The Röwer & Rüb lunging arena is based on decades of experience in the construction of equestrian round arenas to train or lunge the horse independent from the weather.

The aspects safety, functionality and longevity are always ranked first.


The galvanized steel construction can be equipped with steel trusses as well as with glue-laminated wood beams. It is available with many different fencing and roofing options. Each of our round arenas is provided with a ventilation roof ridge to prevent heat accumulation.

For further protection against environmental influences, a wind protection net can be installed around the lunging arena. The tough net is available in different colours and protects the horse from lateral wind and drizzling rain.

We offer all our lunging arenas including the design plans and the statics, which are necessary for the building permit application.